• Head Office - Pakistan

    +92 42 35247133-34

  • Regional Office - Saudi Arabia

    +966 13 8288365 | +966 13 8288366

  • Regional Office - Oman

    +968 2257 9288 - 9

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Muhammad Javed Bhatti

Muhammad Javed BhattiCheif Executive OfficerOur objective is to provide the quality engineering services with the close interaction to our clients by applying our technical expertise and knowledge. AJC is thankful to all our valued clients who trust us in providing the best services to them in a modernized & cost effective way with full co-operation,[...]

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Muhammad Azam Bhatti

Muhmmad Azam BhattiChief Executive OfficerAJC is a progressive engineering group that displayed a tremendous growth potential. At present we are providing the services in the field of Mechanical & Civil Engineering. Beside this we also have strong business affiliations in the field of Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering because of that we are able to satisfy[...]

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