• Head Office - Pakistan

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  • Regional Office - Saudi Arabia

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  • Regional Office - Oman

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A.J. Corporation (Sultanate of Oman)

A.J. Corporation, after a successful operation of 38 years in Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has opened new horizons in the Sultanate of Oman. Having great experience of the GCC region AJC is ready to provide the companies in Oman with the best quality, workmanship, consistency and on time jobs while keeping it cost effective and efficient. The leadership of AJC in Oman is strong and competitive when it comes to wining the hearts and satisfying the client’s need. In Oman AJC is not limited to mechanical, electrical and civil works but also in other areas like networking solutions, firefighting solutions, business intelligence solutions, design consultancy and many more.

Services Offered in Oman

  • Installation, repair and maintenance of electric motors, generators, transformers etc.

  • Manufacturing of prefabricated structure for oil refineries and industrial units

  • Repair and maintenance of marine engines and turbines

  • Manufacture of metal containers for compressed or liquefied gas

  • Operation and maintenance of pump stations and pipelines

  • Installation and other general-purpose machinery

  • Treatment and coating of metals such as plating, polishing, engraving, coloring etc.

  • Service activities incidental to extraction of petroleum and natural gas, excluding surveying

  • Manufacture of reservoir, tanks and similar containers of metal

  • Installation and industrial machinery-type pumps

  • Installation and industrial machinery-type pumps

  • Installation and repair of communication equipment

  • Repair and maintenance of pumps, compressors, taps and valves

  • Construction and maintenance of airports and harbors

  • Drilling, landfill, leveling and grading of construction sites

  • Activities of export and import offices

  • Installation of electric motors, generators and transformers

  • Management offices

Why Choose Us?

Hight Quality

Our Clients are among the Pakistan’s top oil and gas companies and lubricant manufacturers. We maintain long term relations as long as 37 years being the longest.

Competitive prices

Our established network and structured finance operations mediate the fluctuations in the costs to deliver you consistently fair prices.

Expedient Service

Our procurement and QA/QC department ensure that you receive the right materials at the right time.

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